Course Summary:

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or domestic violence is extremely common affecting women, and sometimes men, of all ages, ethnicities and sexual preferences. IPV can have physical, mental and emotional short and long term consequences. Effective screening and assessment is key in identifying the abuse and supporting the victim to access resources to interrupt the cycle of violence. This course provides a toolkit with detailed information for public health providers to become more knowledgeable in screening, documentation and management practices and patient resources for domestic abuse. The toolkit was developed using California Health and Safety codes and reporting laws and can be revised to reflect the codes and laws of a given state. 

Learning Objectives: 
1) Learners will be able to articulate the pervasiveness and consequences of intimate partner violence. 
2) Learners will be able to utilize best practices regarding intimate partner violence screening, documentation, and reporting in clinic settings. 
3) Learners will be able to locate intimate partner resources for clinical settings. 

Barrier based approach to IPV for practicing physicians in community clinics
Continuing Education Information:  1.0 CECH (3/31/2020)

CHES Provider number:  99036

Disclosures:  The planners, reviewers, and authors have no declared conflicts of interest

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