Course Description:

The goal of this training module is to help you organize your information and synthesize your work for presentation in a public health scientific paper. It details essential topics such as formatting, and it discusses strategies such as critical thinking that can facilitate good writing.

We recommend checking out the training modules on "Identifying a Research Question" before taking this course and "Preparing and Submitting an Abstract" following this course.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the required section titles of a scientific paper.
  • Utilize strategies and tools to compose the main body of a scientific paper.
  • Utilize appropriate writing styles to synthesize content.
  • Identify tools for organizing literature review studies. 
  • Explore citation styles.

Target Audience:  Public health professionals and students

Duration:  50 minutes

Continuing Education Information:  1.0 CPEU for RDNs, 1.0 CECH for CHES

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