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The WRPHTC has developed the Public Health Core Competency Self-assessment and Training Preferences Survey (PHCCSTPS) as an online tool for assessing the skill sets and identifying the training needs of public health workers, and for supporting the workforce-development plans required for public health department accreditation. 

Survey Format 

The PHCCSTPS has two sections. The first asks respondents to identify training interests and preferences. The second asks respondents to self-assess their level of competence on the eight public health core competency domains developed by the Council on Linkages. Here is a link to an example survey instrument.

What you get

  • Administration of an online assessment survey tailored to your public health department
  • Feedback on survey implementation from start to finish
  • A report that provides summary and detailed survey findings (see example report) that can be used to develop or improve workforce development plans needed for accreditation 

What you provide 

  • Edits that you may wish to make to the survey
  • Timeline for implementation
  • A person at your department who will liaison with WRPHTC

Additional benefits of PHCCSTPS

  • Beyond the standard three workforce tiers identified by the Council on Linkages (entry-level health professionals, mid-level managers, and senior/executive managers), the PHCCSTPS also surveys the tier consisting of public health workers who function as support staff
  • Questions are tailored to each of the four tiers surveyed
  • Tiers are analyzed separately


There are no costs to health departments in HRSA Region 9 (Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii, and USAPI). Minimal costs for departments outside of Region 9.


Thus far, more than 2,500 public health employees at 17 public health departments in multiple states have completed the Public Health Core Competency Self-assessment and Training Preferences Survey.

Please contact Abby Stoica at for more information.